Apr 27

The World is Our Oyster

by Staff

Last Friday, SeaWorld Orlando employees took part in a unique conservation-related project to help restore dead oyster reefs in the Indian River Lagoon in Central Florida.

Volunteers helped make oyster shell mats that will eventually be distributed into the Mosquito Lagoon.

How do you make an oyster mat?

First, you drill holes into oyster shells. Then, 36 oyster shells are vertically zip-tied to each mat. Finally, the mats are connected to each other to form a large quilt-like structure prior to being placed in the water.

A representative from The Nature Conservancy, a conservation partner of SeaWorld's, taught employees the benefits that oysters provide, like filtering and cleaning water -- and how our efforts will help restore oyster reefs.

These restored reefs provide food, shelter and habitat for Florida wildlife.

"We all know SeaWorld is committed to conservation," said Myranda Czubak, an employee of the company. "Events like these allow our us to really get hands-on and feel like we are doing our part to preserve the natural environment."