Apr 13

Wild Ways to Stay Cool

by Staff

Animals instinctively know how to stay cool in the blazing hot months - even in scorching temperatures. We humans often complain if our air conditioner breaks down on an 80-degree day. So let's take a cue or two from some of our heat-tolerant animal friends you can find at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

First, learn to thermo regulate like Sea lions who “raft” in the water by hold their flippers up to adjust their body temperature. So, while we can't expect you to stand with your arms straight out, you can make slight behavioral changes to cool down - like finding a breeze, wearing lighter, looser-fitting clothes or eating something cold.

Secondly, water is very important to drink and conserve. Life on Earth would not exist without it. Penguins stay cool by spending much of their lives - up to 70 percent - in the water. So while we suggest surrounding yourself with water when it's hot, also look for ways to reduce your overall use of fresh water, saving this precious resource for the countless plants and animals who need it to survive and thrive.

Lastly, seek out shade. Seems pretty basic, right? But here we are playing, working and hanging out in the heat of the sun. Many animals that live in hot climates lie in the shade, rest or sleep during the warmest parts of the day, and “come alive” in the early morning, evenings and night. We're all about spending more time outdoors, but during sizzling hot months consider shifting your energy-intense activities to dawn and dusk, stay cool and calm during your days. To discover more about these amazing animals, visit SeaWorld.com.