Feb 09

Watch the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Animal Ambassadors this Week!

by Staff

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens animal ambassadors will make several national appearances over the next several days. They can be seen first on Univision's national morning show "Despierta America" on Friday, February 10. A Moluccan cockatoo, a red fox, and two colorful Scarlet ibis will be the stars of the set during a fun Valentine’s Day segment.

SeaWorld on Disperita America

Despierta America airs nationally on Univision. Check local listings.

Penguins at SeaWorld

Then, on Saturday, February 11, tune into Weekend TODAY when Julie Scardina will introduce Amy and Lester to some unusual animals from Busch Gardens Tampa including a ground hornbill, a hyrax and an echidna which is one of just a few mammals that actually lays eggs. On Monday, February 13, Matt, Anne and the gang will learn about the ways that tarantulas, armadillos and opossums defend themselves from predators. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hoda and Kathie Lee will meet some monogamous animals – Pete and Penny penguin and a pair of military macaws from Discovery Cove. TODAY airs nationally on NBC; check local listings for more information.