Aug 19

UPDATED: Survival Adaptations on The TODAY Show - Thursday, August 18

by Staff

Yesterday morning Julie Scardina joined the TODAY Show's Kathie Lee and Hoda for a segment about animal defenses. We hope you tuned in or followed along on our social channels. If you missed it, the video is embedded below along with our favorite photos from the segment. Let us know what you think!

Who were the Animal Ambassadors that made the trip to the Big Apple?

Frilled Dragon from SeaWorld and Busch GardensHedgehog from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens at the Today Show

Opossum from Discovery Cove visits the Today ShowA tawny frogmouth from SeaWorld disguising himself while visiting the Today Show

Shots from the set:

Julie Setting up the Set at the TODAY showA tawny frogmouth on a tv at the TODAY showJulie Scardina on the TODAY show with Hoda and Kathie Lee.

Producer POV at the TODAY show with SeaWorld's animal ambassadorsJulie Scardina, Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on the TODAY Show

Virgil the tawny frogmouth didn't leave New York with out visiting Times Square. Tawny in times square

****UPDATED August 19, 2011****

Julie Scardina, SeaWorld & Busch Gardens spokesperson, has another appearance on the TODAY Show on Thursday, August 18. This time, Julie will introduce Hoda and Kathie Lee to several different SeaWorld & Busch Gardens animal ambassadors including a hedgehog, tawny frogmouth and a frilled lizard. Julie will share their amazing survival adaptations – like the camouflage of the tawny frogmouths seen in this photo. These are just some of the amazing animals that guests can see and interact with at our parks, as they learn about them first hand.

Two Tawny Frogmouth birds sit in a tree at a SeaWorld Adventure Park

Make sure you check out the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as the SeaWorld Parks blog throughout the day on Thursday for behind the scenes photos and more.