Feb 27

A Tribute to Dawn Brancheau

by Staff

Today in memory of Dawn we are doing a tribute to her before the first Believe show at each of our three SeaWorld parks. This has been an extremely difficult time for the entire Shamu family. We believe that Dawn would want our work with these whales, that she loved so much, to continue. So with that in mind, we dedicate our shows this weekend to our dear friend.

Tribute prior to Believe show

Tribute to SeaWorld killer whale trainer, Dawn Brancheau, prior to Believe Show in Orlando, Florida.

SeaWorld trainers

Killer whale trainers enter stadium

Whales performing at SeaWorld

Believe Show

Brian McFadden

SeaWorld trainer, Brian McFadden with killer whale

Ginny Mairot at Believe

SeaWorld trainer, Jenny Mairot with killer whale in Believe Show

Killer whale trainers at Believe

SeaWorld trainers performing with killer whales in Believe

Believe show

Believe Show in Orlando, Florida

Tribute to Dawn Brancheau