Jun 02

Top 20 Fan Tips for Visiting SeaWorld

by Staff

We asked our Facebook Fans to post their “top tips” on how to most enjoy a day at SeaWorld. And we were thrilled with the response. These 20 tips below were some of our favorite posts, verbatim from our Fans who know the park best. We hope you'll find them helpful - and for more insider tips, visit Facebook.com/SeaWorld.

1) Do your research and do the backstage interactive experiences. We did the Arctic Experience and there is nothing like feeding a walrus or kissing a whale. Incredible!

-- Kim P.

2) Buy tickets ahead of time, will save you a lot of time getting in the park. Wonderful park went with my boys for spring break and we all had such a great time

-- Cindy N

3) Drink lots of water and wear sun screen!

-- Diane T.

4) A great place to cool off during a hot day is the Penguin Encounter.

-- John C.

5) Go immediately to the dolphin feeding tank and then work from there so you can make every feeding. My fav!!!

-- Ann C.

6) Start at the back of the park. Ride the rides early or late in the day. Carry some extra socks. Drink plenty of water. Eat a funnel cake. Do not be afraid to ask staff for anything. Pet the dolphins @ the dolphin cove. Take plenty of pictures.

-- Paul B.

7) If visiting with small children take a small towel and swim suits so when you have a break they can play in the water areas x

-- Kelly I.

8) Food, food, and more food -- especially Sharks Underwater Grill. Well worth it!!!

-- Kathy K.

9) The polar bear area is the coolest spot! Nice break from the heat!

-- Toshia S.

10) Buy an annual pass....because you're going to want to come back!

-- Otniel G.

11) Make sure to see the Concierge in your hotel to get discount tickets and you won't have to wait in line at the park! Saves a lot of time...

-- Donna R

12) You must see Shamu and it is even more fun in the soak zone!

-- Olive G.


-- Natalie M

14) Plan a two day trip and plan out shows in advance

-- Jessica D.

15) Put you loose items in the locker before you get in line for Manta!

-- Ken M.

16) Check out all of the exhibits, rides, and shows if you can within two days!

-- Rvie T.

17) Oh, the dolphin spotlight tour is a must!

-- Jo G.

18) Don't be late to the Clyde and Seamore Show!

-- Kerri B.

19) Get the food pass!! The kids will love it--you can eat all day long anytime you want. Get the Ride pass-- it is worth it!!

-- Tami W.

20) Go as often as possible :)

-- Cheryl B.