May 06

This Summer SeaWorld Invites You to See “Turtle: The Incredible Journey”

by Staff

This summer movie season SeaWorld invites you and your family to follow a real life journey during “Turtle: The Incredible Journey.” The movie is a remarkable example of wildlife documentary filmmaking and is being distributed by the newly formed SeaWorld Pictures division in partnership with Hannover House.

“Turtle: the Incredible Journey” follows the life and migration of a loggerhead turtle from hatching to maturity and a return to its original Florida nesting grounds. The loggerhead turtle, a threatened species, has one of the longest and most difficult migratory patterns of any marine animal: Sea turtles newly hatched on the East Coast of the United States (usually in Florida) make their way from the sand into the ocean, and then begin a voyage that can span the entire Atlantic Ocean, only to return decades later to that same beach.

The film is directed by National Geographic Explorer’s Nick Stringer and narrated by Academy Award nominee Miranda Richardson. Stringer’s documentary team follows the loggerhead turtle on an adventure of more than 9,000 miles guided only by instinct. The crew spent two years following loggerhead turtles on their trips across the ocean, and have captured on film the remarkable life cycle of a beautiful creature that struggles to survive in an increasingly unforgiving environment.

The film does what our parks have been doing for more than five decades: inspire, enrich and entertain. Helping bring this film and its powerful message of the fragility and beauty of our oceans to the public is what SeaWorld is and what we have always been about.

SeaWorld is a global leader in the care and conservation of endangered and threatened sea turtles. The Rescue Team has rescued more than 1,500 injured or ill sea turtles over the past three decades. The team recently released its 1,000th rescued sea turtle back to nature, and the parks provide a permanent home to those animals whose injuries are too debilitating to survive in the wild.

The film will be released to theaters in both standard theatrical formats as well as 3D in selected locations starting June 24. This is the the same week as the opening of SeaWorld San Diego’s Turtle Reef, a new attraction that showcases this extraordinary species in a 300,000-gallon aquarium with a massive underwater viewing gallery.