Mar 09

Statement on PETA Airplane Stunt at SeaWorld

by Staff

March 9, 2010

Harbor Seal

We're left to wonder how many animals in need could've been helped with the thousands of dollars spent on PETA's latest exercise in theatrics. This publicity stunt proved once again that PETA is an extremist organization far more interested in photo opportunities than helping animals. It served no purpose other than to again compound the sadness and grief being experienced by those SeaWorld employees closest to Dawn Brancheau.

It should also be noted that while PETA was flying around our park today, SeaWorld animal care specialists and veterinarians were rescuing a manatee in the Desoto Canal near Satellite Beach, Florida. Right now our animal care teams are treating more than 50 rescued wild animals, including representatives of three endangered or threatened species, and preparing those animals for return to the wild. In just the past nine weeks SeaWorld parks have rescued and treated nearly 1,000 animals and most have already been returned to the ocean.

SeaWorld rejects every charge made by PETA. Our parks will continue to do what they have always done: bring marine animals to our guests in ways that are enriching, inspiring, educational and entertaining.