Jun 16

SeaWorld's "Best Dad" Award Goes to ... Simon the Otter

by Staff

SeaWorld is home to many finned, feathered and furry fathers that have had a role in more than 18,000 animals born or hatched at our parks over four decades. This year, SeaWorld announces our “Best Dad” award recipient, Simon the otter, in this heartwarming video, and also the runner-ups in a fun sheet dads and kids can read together.

“Best Dad” Award: Simon, the Little Otter with a Big Heart

Simon the Asian small-clawed river otter is one of the most helpful fathers at SeaWorld Orlando, demonstrating an amazingly sensitive side when it comes to caring for his young. He protects his pups, plays with them, brings their mother food, and takes over to cuddle them when their mother takes a break. Simon even helps with swimming lessons: mom pushes the pups into the water and he scoops them out if they appear to be struggling

Here you will see Simon receiving his special award and also him being a great dad through the years. It even includes rare footage -- shot two years ago with a tiny night-vision camera concealed inside the otter’s den -- of Simon cuddling and playing with his youngsters.

Our “Best Dad” winner has fathered several litters through the years, showing these amazing parenting skills each time. Simon and his offspring are all doing great and can be seen in the SeaWorld shows.

SeaWorld's Other Fabulous Fathers

Simon took top honors but these four species at SeaWorld are award-winning in our book including “Most Empathetic Dad,” “Most Dedicated Dad”, “Most Playful Dad” and “Most Protective Dad.”

Click here to download the poster and learn how you can help make a difference to animal dads everywhere.

To see these amazing animal fathers, visit any of the three SeaWorld parks including Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.