Jun 17

SeaWorld Uses Technology to Fulfill Cancer Patient’s Wish to Meet a Dolphin

by Staff

Thanks to modern technology, SeaWorld Orlando employees and animals were able to fulfill a final wish from a 48-year-old woman with an inoperable brain tumor to meet a dolphin.

Above, trainer Nick Wickett introduces Bubba the dolphin to patient Billie Bobbitt using a webcam. Because she is unable to travel, animal trainers brought the dolphin to her home in Virginia Beach, VA via a live meet-and-greet using Skype. Additionally a trainer from sister park Busch Gardens in Williamsburg made a personal visit to her home with animal ambassador Ellie the sloth.

SeaWorld has a long-standing commitment to creating memories for children and adults with terminal illnesses. Most of these wishes include visits to the parks and meeting animals; this is the one of the first times the company has been able to provide a “virtual visit” to grant such a wish.