Feb 24

SeaWorld Updates

by Staff

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 8:00pm

Schedule Updates

SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego will be open Thursday, February 25 as scheduled (SeaWorld San Antonio is not yet open for the season) but Believe shows and Dine with Shamu experiences at all SeaWorld locations have been suspended; no decision has been made for future dates at this time.


Update: Thursday, Feb. 25, 9:33am


Many people are asking about the future care of Tilikum, the whale involved in the incident. We have every intention of continuing to interact with this animal, though the procedures for working with him will change. We are still reviewing this incident and will evaluate the situation and make a decision accordingly.

We are open to comments from you, our blog readers. However, as a policy, any comment that uses foul language or could be hurtful to the trainer's family will be deleted. We appreciate everyone's understanding and will share more information as it becomes known and available.


Update: Thursday, Feb. 25, 2:32pm

Tilikum Update

We have received several requests to clarify our previous statement on Tilikum. SeaWorld took on the care of Tilikum 18 years ago, and we will continue to care for the animal's social and psychological stimulation, care and nutrition as we always have. As part of the investigation of yesterday's incident, we are reviewing protocols regarding the proximity of our trainers to Tilikum, and will make any amendments necessary.


Wednesday, Feb. 25, 5:30pm

Schedule Updates

All information regarding show schedule and Shamu Stadium operation will be discussed at the press conference tomorrow.