Jun 25

SeaWorld Takes Part in "Lend a Hand TODAY" with Al Roker

by Staff

Did you catch the TODAY Show this morning on NBC? SeaWorld took part in Al Roker's annual series, “Lend a Hand TODAY” and donated $12,000 of aquarium equipment and operating software to the Seacoast Science Center for their various aquarium exhibits.

The Seacoast Science Center is located in Rye, New Hampshire and its mission is to teach children and the general public about the importance of oceans and nature. Through their programs, they strive to meet the "national call to strengthen the country's awareness of the importance of the oceans and create an ocean science literate society."

SeaWorld donated the equipment to the Seacoast Science Center because our organizations share the common value of connecting people to the natural environment around them. SeaWorld cares about the natural world we live in and we are honored to support the Seacoast Science Center who works to teach people about the importance of our oceans and nature.

In its ninth consecutive year, Al Roker's "Lend a Hand TODAY" continues its mission to help small charities across the country that work toward improving conditions in their communities.