Apr 02

SeaWorld Rescues Sandhill Crane Shot in the Neck by Blow Dart Gun - UPDATED

by Staff

SeaWorld is providing critical care for a sandhill crane suffering from a neck injury caused by a blowgun dart. Aviculturists rescued the bird on March 16 from a neighborhood in Lake Helen, Fla. after receiving a call from a local resident.

vet and sand hill crane

Surgery was performed on the animal's neck to remove a lump caused by the injury, and park veterinarians also performed x-rays and an endoscopy to look for internal damage. The bird is in good condition and the goal is to release it back to the wild after its recovery.

As urban sprawl continues to bring communities and wild animal habitats closer, unfortunate encounters harming sandhill cranes have become a regular occurrence. Just this year, SeaWorld aviculturists have already rescued nine injured sandhill cranes.

***UPDATE April, 2***

After providing two weeks of critical care, SeaWorld released a sandhill crane that suffered a neck injury caused by a blowgun dart. SeaWorld aviculturist Dean Moberg released the bird on March 31 in the same Lake Helen, FL neighborhood where it was rescued on March 16.

sandhill crane release