Sep 10

SeaWorld Guests Donate $1 Million to Preserve Wildlife

by Staff

In just four months, more than $1 million has been pledged to wildlife conservation efforts around the world thanks to vacationing families participating in the new “SeaWorld Cares” program.

The program was launched in April and allowed families to receive a discounted child ticket and have the entire admission price donated to wildlife conservation. Families participating in the program are helping save polar bears in the Arctic, inspiring kids to spend more time outdoors, protecting coral reefs and supporting wildlife projects worldwide.

With each full-paid, single-day adult SeaWorld admission purchased online any child 12 and younger receives a $5 admission that benefits non-profit environmental organizations.The offer continues through December 31. Complete details are available at

The four wildlife programs benefiting from the offer are:

National Wildlife Federation - Connecting Children with Nature - Contributions from SeaWorld Cares are supporting National Wildlife Federation’s “Be Out There” campaign and creating a world in which children have the opportunity to engage with nature every day. Through NWF’s children’s magazines like Ranger Rick and programs such as the “Great American Backyard Campout,” “Certified Wildlife Habitat,” “Hide and Seek,” and “NatureFind,” NWF’s efforts inspire families to spend more time outdoors. Learn more at

World Wildlife Fund - Securing a Future for Arctic Species - From the magnificent polar bear to beautiful ringed seals; from colorful puffins to the tiniest phytoplankton, the Arctic provides a rich habitat. Today, rapid changes in this fragile environment are threatening these species and cultures that depend on them. Donations from “SeaWorld Cares” help WWF continue to work with scientists, native people, local communities and government leaders to combat these threats and preserve the Arctic's rich biodiversity. Learn more at

The Nature Conservancy - Protecting Coral Reef Ecosystems - Coral reefs are one of the most important ecosystems. They serve as a nursery for many species of marine animals, protect sensitive coastlines from erosion and help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The 600-mile Mesoamerican Reef located off the coast of Belize and Mexico is the second largest coral reef in the world. More than 500 species of fish and marine species, including large populations of whale sharks, live and forage in its waters. Funds from the offer help The Nature Conservancy’s initiative to complete a comprehensive conservation area network that will establish no-take zones for fish stocking and re-population, provide surveillance technology to patrol protected areas, and help local governments create management plans for the reefs to protect them well into the future. Learn more at

SeaWorld & BuschGardensConservation Fund - The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is a non-profit foundation that supports wildlife research, habitat protection, animal rescue and conservation education in the U.S. and more than 60 countries. Donations from the SeaWorld Cares program will support efforts to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife impacted by human and natural disasters. Learn more at