Jan 15

SeaWorld Animal Ambassadors on Good Morning America Thursday, January 17

by Staff

Tune into “Good Morning America” this Thursday, Jan. 17 as SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador Angie Llanas showcases SeaWorld’s animal rescue efforts with GMA and "Sea Rescue" host Sam Champion.

Joining Angie will be rescued animals that are receiving lifelong care at our parks. They include Peanut, an orphaned American beaver that was the lone survivor of a bear attack; Katrina, an American alligator that was a pet could not be cared for after Hurricane Katrina; and Panama, a brown pelican that was rescued after being abandoned in its nest. Good Morning America is broadcast on ABC; check your local listings for more information.

Then be sure to catch “Sea Rescue” this Saturday to see Peanut’s tale.