Oct 24

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens to visit LIVE! With Regis + Kelly on October 25

by Staff

On Tuesday, October 25, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassador Chuck Cureau - along with creepy creatures including a Great Horned owl, tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches and a 13-foot Burmese python - will visit LIVE! with Regis + Kelly, as part of Regis Philbin’s Farewell Celebration Season.

Live with Regis and Kelly hosts pose with Chuck Cureau and a Penguin

SeaWorld and Busch Garden’s animal ambassadors are back on this top-rated morning show to help dispel myths (are owls really a bad omen?) and show that despite their creepy appearance, these creatures provide a valuable service to the planet.

Chuck will also incorporate information on SeaWorld's rescue programs, and how conservation issues such as habitat loss is affecting tree-dwellers like owls.

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