May 03

The Return of @Shamu?

by Staff

Earlier today, @Shamu tweeted -- more accurately re-tweeted -- a post about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This has been the cause of a good deal of discussion on the Internet because it appeared to mark the return of @Shamu to Twitter, which is something we've been talking about. You could be forgiven if you thought that a tweet from @Shamu concerning an oil spill was, indeed, from @Shamu, given the fact that @Shamu is opposed to oil spills, which are notoriously untidy affairs with very serious consequences for innocent animals. The problem? The tweet wasn't from @Shamu.

So, right about now you might be asking, "How does such a thing happen?"

Well, we're going to be honest with you here. In creating the @Shamu account a year or so ago we were not terribly creative when it came to password time. By "not terribly creative" what we really mean is that we created a password that was "blindingly obvious." That's right, our password was "SeaWorld1," which, amazingly, required more than a year for someone to figure out. Given the speed with which the average @Shamu follower can correctly identify the anatomical purpose of the calcareous ring in certain species of echinoderms, we probably should have been smarter. We weren't. Lesson learned.

But, now that we're talking about oil spills, please know that our SeaWorld parks are ready to help in any way we can. We applaud all those organizations that have dedicated their facilities, their staff and their resources to helping any animal affected. You can count SeaWorld among those organizations.

As far as @Shamu is concerned, be patient.