Nov 05

Park Goers Honor SeaWorld Parks with “Friendliest Theme Park Crowds” Award

SeaWorld Parks were voted by readers as having the “Friendliest Theme Park Crowds.” The parks’ peaceful, relaxing environment and lack of constant crushing crowds creates a calmer more relaxing experience for park guests.

Top parks throughout the United States were included in the online pole, making for fierce competition. However, with 56% of the votes, SeaWorld easily walked away with the top honor. The runner up only received 11% of the votes.

So, what is it about SeaWorld Parks that makes our crowds so friendly?

“SeaWorld Parks have lower crowd levels and seem to have a much larger, more sprawled layout,” said During the voting period one twitter follower commented that the park “has a much calmer environment and it allows kids to relax which in turn makes for more relaxed parents.”

Park goers are free to move easily throughout SeaWorld. Our newest attraction, Manta, allows guests to peer through floor-to-ceiling aquariums getting face-to-face with hundreds of rays and thousands of schooling fish while other areas of the park provide guests an opportunity to interact with and feed dolphins, sea lions, rays and sharks.

SeaWorld’s stadiums allow thousands of guests to relax in the shade as they watch amazing performances. The killer whale show, Believe, captivates and inspires audiences as they observe the close relationship between trainers and whales, while the whale and dolphin show, Blue Horizons, highlights acrobatic dolphins and soaring birds in a Broadway-style show.