Jul 26

Our Feathered Family’s Contribution to Conservation

by Staff

Did you know that even our feathered family members contribute to conservation? The feathers some of our birds naturally shed, or molt, are donated each month to the Feather Distribution Project. This worthwhile organization redistributes donated plumes to Native American tribes in an effort to prevent the illegal smuggling and plucking of endangered birds. The feathers are then used to decorate clothing for traditional religious ceremonies.

Each month, we typically collect 200-300 plumes for donation. The most recent shipment sent by Tiffany Palumbo, senior aviculturist at Discovery Cove, consisted of macaw, parrot and turkey feathers. Those feathers were distributed to tribes in Santo Domingo, Cochiti Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo and Zuni tribes in New Mexico.

Learn more about this project at http://www.wingwise.com/feather.htm.