Feb 03

One Ocean Facebook Q&A With Animal Ambassador, Julie Scardina

by Staff

Today, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador, Julie Scardina logged onto the SeaWorld Facebook page for a Q&A session with the fans. Check out the questions and answers below:

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina

Q: Jo G: Hi Julie will "One Ocean" be set to music? Coming over from the UK in October and can't wait to see the new show :) And will it just be children that get chosen to interact?
A: Julie Scardina: Hey Jo! You'll love the new inspirational music. We'll have the flexibility to introduce Shamu to all ages.

Q. Blake F: I can't tell from the picture, are those the moving screens? Or will they just stay put?
A. Julie Scardina: Just like in Believe we'll have the spectacular screens choreographed to music.

Q. Beverly A: When in April will it open in Orlando?
A. Julie Scardina: Late April!

Q. Marilyn B: Julie, in what ways will the audience be able to interact with the whales during the show?
A. Julie Scardina: Be careful you might get WET!

Q. Paige G: What kinds of new behaviors will be featured in the show? How will the whales interact with the water? And will the show be educational in the sense that guests will learn about the whales like in the original Shamu Show?
A. Julie Scardina: The show will be more fun and whale personality driven, but you'll still see spectacular aerials and multiple whales interacting. These days it's easy to look up facts, but to be inspired is harder. Shamu will inspire people to care for his and our One Ocean.

Q. Beverly T: Will it include the trainers in the water interacting with the whales?
A. Julie Scardina: Not at this time but we are hoping and working towards that for the future.

Q. Blake F: Also, will any more pictures/models of the set be released?
A. Julie Scardina: Stay tuned!

Q. Jeannette G: Hey Julie... (Hoping this is how we ask our questions) Believe was a show that really touched my heart and many others as well. Should we expect the same from this new show? Sea World has always had incredible shows. And as an expecting mom to be i cant wait to bring my new family in time to share the experience of SeaWorld!
A. Julie Scardina: Absolutely! In fact, this show will inspire you to connect with and care for our One Ocean.

Q. Lisa G: Hi Julie, this question is from a friend. He wants to know if there is a possibility of waterworks still coming into this show in the future, and also what the new wetsuits look like? :)
A. Julie Scardina: The wetsuits are cool. Check back later for marketing released photos.

Q. Lisa G: I was wondering if Tilikum will be in this new show? Thank You!!
A. Julie Scardina: We are working towards that and hoping to add him when the time is right.

Q. Elena J: Hi Julie!! How are you today? My question is how will this new show be different from the other orca show? Thank you for all you have done.
A. Julie Scardina: Thank you! This show will be fun. You'll see more whale personality along with more audience interaction facilitated by the trainers.

Q. Stephanie C: Julie, how does some attain a job like yours?
A. Julie Scardina: Love of animals, hard work, long hours and a fishy smell! But boy is it worth it. Seriously, a focus on animal behavior, swimming skills, public speaking and passion will get you far.

Q. Jessica C: Hi Julie, it's not a question about the new show (which sounds awesome by the way) but how is little Makaio getting on?
Have an awesome day all the way from the UK :) xx
A. Julie Scardina: Makaio is doing great. Already showing us some spunky behavior!

Q. Marilyn B: Julie, will there be any physical barriers between whale and trainer during the new show?
A. Julie Scardina: We'll still have our protocols as we do now.

Q. Joseph G: Will the new show be built around a beautiful musical score like Believe was?
A. Julie Scardina: Great music, beautiful scores and inspiring lyrics.

Q. John M: Hi Julie! I was wondering, what will One Ocean have, that the other shows in the past haven't had?
A. Julie Scardina: A focus on whale personality and how they interact and learn from each other.

Q. Angela B: Hi Julie!! Such a big fan of yours!! Something which id like to know is is there a set date yet as to when the internal review will be complete. im guessing its not going to be long, so many people ask about trainers getting back in the water, it will get one step closer to that goal. Also, are there plans for a DVD and soundtrack release with the new show?? Oh and it would be great if you could give the SW press people a push into making a Shamu Rocks soundtrack!! :) Thank u so much for your time, i know your a busy gal hanging out with jay leno all the time hehe xxxxx
A. Julie Scardina: The process is still on going as we implement procedures, facilities and equipment changes. Not sure about the DVD yet, check back later.

Q. Marilyn B: One more question...will this show include a "one on one" moment with a female trainer and whale like Believe did during Something Far Greater?
A. Julie Scardina: We are working towards more whales in more segments for a more fun and personality driven segment.

Q. María G: We went to see the Holiday show last December, most of the whales in the show were small (babies). Will this be the case in the new show?
A. Julie Scardina: We do have lots of babies in Orlando. And we love it! But our adult females definitely want to get out there as much as the babies do.

Q. Emily G: Hi Julie! I was wondering what kind of educational topics will be covered. Will it talk about threats to orcas? Will the show discuss orca social structure? To me, that's the most interesting thing about resident orcas, and I think the public should learn about it so they have a newfound respect for cetaceans! :)
A. Julie Scardina: We aim to inspire as there are so many ways to look up facts from your computer or hand held device, but until you are moved to care you might not take action. Our goal is to inspire.

Q. Rose M: Hello Ms.Scardina, I’m just curious about the show- from what is said, multi sensory. Do you mean Like Blue horizons or something entirely different?
A. Julie Scardina: You'll definitely hear, see, feel and if you get soaked, maybe even taste the experience of the new show, but certainly you will be moved.

Q. Heleen W: Hi Julie, I was wandering if you are going to move whales from one park to the other just to have a pod in Orlando with bigger whales. It has been done before so I was wandering if there are any plans. Thank you
A. Julie Scardina: No plans for moves at this time. Right now everyone seems to be in a good place.

Q. Joffrey V: Everyone is talking about the new show, so I wanted two questions. Will the trainers return to doing waterworks, and will the new show be something in the style of Believe again?
A. Julie Scardina: Relationships are multi-dimensional. Just like with humans there might be some aspects that are limited and other aspects that are enhanced. Right now we are making sure we are fulfilling all the whales needs through creativity, enrichment, toys, play and tactile.

Q. Kelsey H: Just one question...will there be a new "Shamu" whale? Or will it be the same one?
A. Julie Scardina: Shamu is representative of all whales!

Q. Misty K: is the reason u all changed the show because the trainers can’t get n the water with the whales???
A. Julie Scardina: Believe has run for 5 years. It was time to change but this show has been specifically designed to show off all of Shamu's amazing characteristics.

Q. Jennifer L: Hi Julie, How do you feel about Tilikum not being used in the shows for the past 11 months, as well as no plans to use him yet? Do you think that is fair to keep him in isolation and without purpose there?
A. Julie Scardina: Tilikum is still part of our killer whale family who receives the same amount of time and interaction as he always has. We utilize more brushes, tactile from water sprays and of course he still enjoys his interaction with other whales. He has been learning some new behaviors which we hope to use in the show at some point.

Q. Jeni-Trouble B: Julie, how have the whales reacted to being trained with new music, new choreography etc... Are they keen to learn a new routine or is it confusing for them after 5 years of the same show/music??
A. Julie Scardina: All the whales love to learn and look forward to new visuals, new music and new behavior. They watch the screen!

Q. Meghan L: Hi Julie what is the one ocean? Is that the name of the new show?
A. Julie Scardina: That's the name of our new show as it focuses on how we are all connected and all need to do our part for a healthy ocean.

Q. Callum W: Hi Julie :) I was just wondering will one ocean be more educational than Believe? A little bit like the Shamu adventure? :) Thanks :)
A. Julie Scardina: This show will focus on our connectedness with the ocean and how we can all make a difference, but it will be high energy, fun and inspirational.

Q. Alan Turner: ‎"One Ocean", one connection to a world were it once was impossible to believe could happen, in SeaWorld I trust,
A. Julie Scardina: Thanks for the support Alan!

Q. Emily Y: Dear Julie! I really hope you can answer my questions! (I'm in school right now just got time to ask my question!) If the trainers will get back in the water with the whales, will the new set be altered to allow trainers in the water with the whales? As well, I know Tili (my favourite whale) won't be returning to shows as of yet, but will he be return in the shows before it hits 2 years of him not performing? Thank you so much!! You are a truly inspiring person! ♥
A. Julie Scardina: Thank you Emily! Good questions. If and when that time comes, which we hope we will, we will make any necessary changes. Tilikum has been working sessions in the show pool to prepare him to return to the show when the time is right.

Julie was beyond impressed with the questions and ended her Q & A by asking all her fans to join her on Twitter.

“Thanks for all the great questions. You sent WAY MORE than I expected! I've got to go now but find me on Twitter @JulieScardina.”