Jan 06

A New Year, a New Cheetah Hunt Construction Update

by Staff

Happy New Year, coaster fanatics! The holidays are behind us and that means we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Cheetah Hunt construction updates.

For those of you who are new to these posts, these updates are for those SO passionate about roller coasters that they Just.Can't.Wait to see the finished product of Cheetah Hunt. They want to know what’s going on up to the minute! Are you of one these people? (Be honest and nod your head "yes.")

Then, come with us now on a virtual tour of the site where all the action’s taking place. Slap on your (imaginary) hard hat, and let’s open the door of the construction wall.

Creeeakk! Yes, that’s the sound of the big yellow door door opening. (Just humor me, friends.)

Well, here you have it. Construction in the area this week includes concrete and pilings that are paving the way between the tower and the canyon and moving track pieces into position in the canyon itself.

Readers, close your eyes. Can you just imagine it? Whoooooooosh!

At one point, riders (yes, that means you) will feel like they are darting through a canyon while a river rushes beneath them.

The river? That part of Cheetah Hunt will reuse the former water portion of Rhino Rally.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the year’s first peek behind the yellow wall inside Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. These photos were taken just yesterday. Stay tuned here for all the latest Cheetah Hunt updates and news.

Go ahead and post a comment; let us know what you think about the progress so far!