May 26

Nat Geo WILD Gets Closer at SeaWorld

by Staff

Wednesday's just got wilder! For the next three Wednesdays - May 26, June 2 and June 9 -- check out Nat Geo WILD's animal experts as they experience SeaWorld up-close.

Animal expert Dr. Mireya Mayor is at home in the jungle, studying primates throughout the world in her two series Mystery Gorillas and Wild Nights. But at SeaWorld, she chilled out in two of the parks colder locations. At Wild Arctic, Mireya braves chilly 55 degree water to get a kiss from a beluga whale.

Mireya Mayor and Beluga

In the park's Penguin Encounter, she shivers with some of the 200+ penguins living in this 32 degree naturalistic habitat, which is reminiscent of the Antarctic's rocky cliffs and frigid waters and features six species of penguins.

mireya Mayor touches a penguin in the Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld

Casey Anderson is a naturalist who stars in the Nat Geo WILD series Expedition Wild. Along with his best friend Brutus, who happens to be an 800 lb. grizzly bear, Casey educates the public on grizzly conservation at his Montana Grizzly Encounter, and ventures into the Alaska wilderness to study and observe Brutus' wild cousins and learn more about grizzly behavior.

Casey bonded with a different kind of mammal - Atlantic bottlenose dolphins - when he spent time at the park's Dolphin Cove at Key West. At Dolphin Cove, guests touch and feed these amazing animals, which helps them learn what we can all do to protect our oceans and its inhabitants.

Casey Anderson and Dolphin

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