May 18

It’s Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting Season

by Staff

Nesting season for loggerhead sea turtles has begun in Florida and continues through August. This is critical time period for these endangered animals; often impacted by humans.

Baby loggerhead sea turtles

Coastal development and disturbances, such as noise and activity on beaches, leave little room for sea turtle nesting areas. Artificial lighting on beaches can confuse nocturnal nesting sea turtles as they may mistake the lighting for daytime and return to sea without nesting. Hatchlings are also confused by artificial lighting, including street and city lights, causing them to head away from the ocean and toward parking lots and city streets. Pollution, such as plastic bags resembling jellyfish, can also cause sea turtle deaths.

loggerhead sea turtle release

SeaWorld, a global leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles, encourages beach-goers to be mindful of these magnificent creatures this summer.