Jul 29

Introducing the New Busch Gardens Blog Team!

by Staff

Good News! We’ll be serving up some fresh new content on our blog. Nine team members have been hand selected to be a part of our new blog team. You’ll be hearing from each of our new writers about once a month, offering an inside perspective about what’s going on around Busch Gardens. Keep an eye out for stories from our newest members:

Kerri Bauer Busch Gardens animal care staff memeber

Keri Bauer is an employee you might say likes to “monkey around” a lot. As a Senior Animal Care Specialist for Myombe Reserve, Keri takes care of our gorillas and other primates at the park. You can see Keri showing off some trained animal behaviors and sharing her knowledge of gorillas at our daily Keeper Talks.

Anna Chaney busch gardens animal care staff with cheetah cub Kasi

Anna Chaney likes to run on the wild side. She is a Senior Animal Care Specialist for our new habitat Cheetah Run. Aside from chasing after Kasi and Mtani, Anna also takes care of the rest of our cheetahs and has a wealth of knowledge about our big cats. You can see her interacting with our cats and giving them enrichment items, as well as sharing some fun facts, during the daily Keeper Talks.

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