Feb 14

How Do Those Animals Pull At The Heart Strings?

by Staff

Over the past week we’ve seen celebrities and fans alike have ‘emotional’ if not obsessed reactions to the meeting of their favorite furry or feathered friend.

First we witnessed Kristen Bell’s reacting to meeting a sloth on her birthday.

Emotional indeed!

Soon thereafter we watched Jamie, a birthday girl, breakdown in tears after meeting a penguin at the SeaWorld San Antonio Penguin Encounter.

King penguin at SeaWorld San Antonio

If you haven’t had the experience Kristen and Jamie had, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens parks offer plenty of opportunities to get up-close and personal with animals of all types and sizes. If penguins tickle your fancy, reserve a “Penguins Up Close Tour” at any of the three SeaWorld parks (Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio). SeaWorld Orlando is busy creating the amazing new “Antarctica- Empire of the Penguin” area, so a behind-the-scenes tour is the only way to see our black and white friends at that location until next year’s debut. It’s not always all about penguins, as SeaWorld offers tours and interactions to satisfy any animal lover.

Busch Gardens also has some great ways for guests to get up-close to our amazing animal ambassadors. Jambo Junction is where many of Busch Gardens’ animal ambassadors find a permanent home. Animals in the ambassador program travel nationwide for educational presentations in schools, community events and media events. At Jambo Junction, guests have the opportunity to witness the Animal Care Specialists feeding and training the Animal Ambassadors, including Caribbean flamingos, lemurs, opossum, some of Busch Gardens’ baby animals and of course sloths!

The most sought out animal interaction at Busch Gardens takes place on the Serengeti Safari. Guests encounter African wildlife up close and even get the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes.

What is it in an animal that pulls at the heart strings? Have you ever been this moved by an interaction with an animal? Tell us your story in the comments below.

If you haven’t had an emotional experience, come meet one of our animal ambassadors. We have options!

Henry Winkler visits with penguins at SeaWorld San Diego

Even the Fonz was a little cheery for penguins during his visit to SeaWorld San Diego!