Nov 15

Holiday Tips: Wildlife-Friendly Ways to Celebrate and Give

by Staff

This holiday season, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment encourages you to make a difference and consider gifts that help protect animals and their habitats.

Go wild!
Flower seeds, satchels of songbird food for winter wildlife, or other gifts from nature are gifts that give over and over.

Seek out “fair trade” gifts.
When gifts or goods are marked as “fair trade,” the item has been made in a way that protects people and places around the world, including places that are home to a diversity of wildlife. With a fair-trade gift, you’re helping support people’s livelihoods. And by supporting their livelihood, you’re helping increase the chances that they’ll be able to peacefully coexist with animals that share their space.

Celebrate with eco-friendly foods.
Entertaining family and friends during this festive season can also help protect wildlife. Consider a wildlife-friendly spread of Rainforest Alliance certified chocolates and coffee. Serve up locally grown fruits and vegetables from small, family farms. Choices like these help ensure the food we eat comes to us in ways that help protect people, places and animals.

Ditch the wrapping paper.
Just look around your house for items that will help your packages stand out under the tree, without harming trees! Opt for reusable gift bags. Decorate gifts with “found” objects from nature like leaves, sticks, seeds and stones. Give a second life to those comic pages or a child’s art by using them as creative, colorful wrap. And ditch the ribbon. Did you know that if two thirds of households cut back on just one arm’s length of ribbon, it would be enough to tie a bow around the whole planet?

Nourish nature.
Consider a beautiful new bird house, or wildlife feeder, or a gift certificate to a plant nursery. Make satchels of seeds or unshelled peanuts for birds, squirrels and other wildlife. Children can spread peanut butter on pine cones, roll them in bird seed, tie a colorful piece of yarn to the top, and package them up as sweet, hand-made gifts.

Minimize packaging while maximizing value.
Donations in an individual’s honor or group’s honor, gift memberships to conservation organizations, or honorary adoptions of animals or habitats fit inside an envelope and are meaningful alternatives to wrapped gifts.