Apr 12

Get WILD with SeaWorld and Nat Geo Wild on April 24

by Staff

SeaWorld and National Geographic are teaming up to celebrate the launch of a new TV channel - Nat Geo WILD - and you're invited! Be part of one of the biggest cable launches ever as Nat Geo WILD sets up camp at SeaWorld Orlando for a truly wild day. Nat Geo WILD will get viewers closer than ever to wild animals with fascinating original programs and stunning television events. Set against the planet's awe-inspiring places, Nat Geo WILD showcases incredible stories of animals from around the world.

On Saturday, April 24 join us at Wild Arctic Plaza and meet some of SeaWorld's furry and feathered animal ambassadors, along with special appearances from Nat Geo WILD's animal experts, wildlife naturalist Casey Anderson and primatologist Mireya Mayor.

Get closer to the animal world than ever before with National Geographic's new TV network all about the mysterious and entertaining lives of nature's creatures. In Expedition Wild with Casey Anderson, the naturalist treks to Yellowstone and Alaska's Kodiak Island to learn more about wild bear behavior - and teach these skills to his grizzly pal, raised in captivity.

Kasey Anderson Kodiak Expedition

Mireya Mayor delves deep into Congo's forests to enter the private world of the Mystery Gorillas.

Mireya Mayor

For more than 30 years, National Geographic has been the leader in wildlife programming. Now, against a global backdrop of increasingly urgent conservation challenges facing wildlife, Nat Geo WILD is giving the animal kingdom center stage as it features the work of some of the world's foremost explorers, filmmakers and scientists.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has initiated and supported wildlife conservation, research and education at home and around the world for more than 40 years. Upon visiting SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or Discovery Cove many guests are inspired to help protect the animals they encounter and get involved with wildlife conservation. The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund was, in part, created to fulfill that desire.

Hope to see you on April 24 - it is sure to be a WILD ride!