Jan 13

Employee Spotlight: Stacey Goode

by Staff

Stacy Goode

Get an insider's look at Summer Nights from Stacey Goode, a show producer at Busch Gardens. Find out what it takes to put on Kinetix, the new night time show at Gwazi Park.

Stacey is the Senior Manager of Production at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. She and her team oversee the development of our day shows, consumer events and special events, both on and off property. Stacey and her team work on writing, directing, casting, staging and choreography.

What is your favorite part of working at Busch Gardens?

I love our employees - the people on my team who work behind the scenes as well as the front-line performers who work so hard to create positive guest experiences every day. Most of our performers have been training since they were very young to do what they do, so they bring to the shows a great deal of pride and a passion. I also love how diverse the park is - I think there is something for everyone. Whether you are seeing our amazing animal show “Critter Castaways” or spending quality time with your kids at “A is for Africa” at Sesame Street Safari of Fun, you can bring your entire family and everyone can enjoy themselves.

What has your team been working on for Summer Nights?

Our goal is to create an entirely different atmosphere for the evening event. We change the music, we add DJ's and our “Party Starters” - a group of high energy interactive performers - around the park, we invite guests to participate in a dance-off competition during the event, and the night ends with a bang at our brand new show Kinetix!

What is Kinetix?

Kinetix is great addition to our Summer Nights event. It will be 30-minute contemporary rock experience with live musicians, singers, dancers and acrobats from around the world. Kinetix will close out each night as an amazing finale in Gwazi Park.

What was the most interesting part of planning for Kinetix?

I love that this show is different than anything we have done before. Not only is this a new venue for us for this type of show, but it is also the first time we are doing a truly contemporary show with a rock concert feel. For me, the integration of all of the fantastic talent elements plus the opportunity to do some really cool special effects will be just one more reason for guests to stay and celebrate with us until the end of the night!