May 24

Employee Spotlight: Scott McMurtrie

by Staff

Scott McMutrie, Director of Production

Employee Spotlight: Scott McMurtrie

Scott McMurtrie is the Director of Productions in the Entertainment department. His team is responsible for creating new shows and consumer events. Over the past 32 years he has had the pleasure of working in all SeaWorld parks. We sat down with Scott for a quick Q & A.

What is your favorite part of working at SeaWorld?

Producing a show or an event is almost like putting together a really complicated puzzle. It takes time, collaboration and a lot of work, but once all of the pieces come together, it’s rewarding to know that all of the hard work pays off by creating great memories for our guests.

What has your team been working on for SeaWorld After Dark?

SeaWorld AfterDark should feel like a party, like the park changes completely once the sun goes down. That’s our objective, to make SeaWorld feel different, sound different, and even look different. So, that can be achieved through music, lighting, and other methods, and that’s really the focus of our team. We’ll have DJ’s, different park music, new fountain shows, and, of course, we’re bringing back “Reflections,” our fountains and fireworks finale. It’s been a big hit with our guests, and this year we’re adding new elements to entertain guests as they sit in the stadium before the show begins.

What were some of the inspirations for Reflections, the fireworks and fountains finale?

Reflections was inspired by all of the different, awesome experiences that our guests can enjoy at our park. Imagine you and your family sitting back at the end of the day and thinking about the shows you’ve seen, the animals you’ve encountered, the rides you’ve enjoyed. So, we used original music from our shows, like Believe, Blue Horizons, and A’Lure, and a script that touches on one family’s experiences during a day at SeaWorld.

What is one of your favorite elements of SeaWorld After Dark?

I love how the pyro, music, and fountains are choreographed for Reflections. Watching guests interact with our DJ’s is also a lot of fun. Shamu Rocks is awesome, of course, and it’s such a great fit for AfterDark. And it’s always fun to watch us get laughs at our own expense in Sea Lions Tonite. I think guests really like that we don’t take ourselves too seriously in that show.

My favorite element though? The mime. Definitely the mime who performs during the pre-show at Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.