Aug 09

Employee Profile: Dr. Lara Croft

by Staff

For young women looking to get into the field of veterinary science or marine biology, Dr. Lara Croft is an inspiration. Here's a little bit of informaiton on her background and some great photos of her doing some amazing work at SeaWorld.

Dr. Croft is one of three SeaWorld Orlando staff veterinarians. In this capacity, Dr. Croft maintains the health of the park's animals, including killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, birds, fish, and turtles.

She also provides medical support during rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals such as manatees, sandhill cranes, and sea turtles.

Dr. Croft conducts a health assessment on a cold-stressed sea turtle.

Croft began her career as an Associate Veterinarian at Alameda East in Denver, Co., the veterinary hospital featured on the Animal Planet television program, "Emergency Vets.”

After leaving Colorado, Croft conducted a three-year residency in Aquatic Animal Medicine at the University of Florida.

Dr. Croft cares for a resued sandhill crane in the SeaWorld veterinary facility.

Croft has done extensive research and published scientific papers on fish nutrition and MRI in sea turtles. She has a special interest in pharmacokinetics in exotic animals.

Dr. Croft works with a rescued manatee.

Croft earned her bachelor's degree in biology and environmental science from Tufts University and her doctorate of veterinary medicine from University of Florida.

Croft resides in Orlando, has a daughter named Sierra, and is an avid football fan and marathon runner.