Apr 28

Elementary Students Help SeaWorld Return Manatee Pair Back To Wild

by Staff

SeaWorld Orlando returned a mom and calf manatee pair back to nature with the help of students from Fern Creek Elementary School. The kids received a hands-on conservation lesson as animal care specialists sent Mossback and her calf Eva into the waters of Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, FL.

Barry Bland/ Barcroft Media

SeaWorld rescued mom, Mossback, and her young calf, Eva, in December 2008 from Lake Woodruff because both of Mossback's pectoral flippers were severely entangled in fishing line. This was the second time SeaWorld has come to Mossback's aid. She was first rescued as a young calf nine years earlier because her mother was also entangled in fishing line.

Barry Bland/ Barcroft Media

When Mossback arrived at SeaWorld's Animal Rehabilitation Center, her right pectoral flipper had already been amputated out in the wild by the fishing line. SeaWorld veterinarians rushed to save her left flipper from the fishing line wrapped so deeply that it had cut through half of her elbow. During her recovery, she still continued to care for Eva.

Barry Bland/ Barcroft Media

As a partner school, SeaWorld has provided invaluable educational experiences for Fern Creek students, 20% of which are homeless, for the last decade that range from in-classroom animal appearances to field trips. Recently, SeaWorld educators provided assistance with science topics that helped an additional 20% of 5th graders pass the Science FCAT.