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Jim Atchison, President, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Letter from Jim Atchison:

Every day in our parks, team members' passion and ingenuity create extraordinary results -- from saving a newborn dolphin calf that would die in the wild to helping scientists better understand the biology of elephants. One of these innovations occurs this month at Sesame Place. They are making a difference for children with autism, making sensory and dietary accommodations so that these children can enjoy the park with their families. We hope to make a difference. One child. One guest. One animal at a time.

Baby Beluga Saved by SeaWorld San Diego

In the wild when a mother abandons her baby the results are usually tragic.At SeaWorldSan Diego tragedy was averted when zoological staff provided critical, hands-on care to a baby beluga whale. The whale, Pearl, was rejected by her mother shortly after birth. Thanks to the park’s intervention and expert care, the calf soon thrived and was successfully re-introduced to her mom. Read more.

baby hippo at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Theme Park

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Website "Sounds" Great

Can you recognize a hippo's grunt or a lion's roar? The SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS website was recognized by the Vancouver Sun as the "best bet" to easily find animal sounds. Check out SeaWorld.org and BuschGardens.org for one of the largest animal databases on the Internet, with more than 4,000 pages of educational tools, games and resources. Read more.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Unlocking Animal Mysteries

Thermal images of Asian elephants at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay Florida

Animal experts at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are working on research projects that will provide valuable information for the zoological community. One project uses infrared technology to determine how the park’s Asian elephants regulate body heat. By documenting how these elephants shed excess heat into the environment at night and how they cool down during the day, park experts are gaining valuable insight into this important aspect of animal biology. Read more.

SeaWorld Orlando Returns 1000th Sea Turtle to the Wild

Seaturtle released by SeaWorld theme park

SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team returned its 1,000th sea turtle to the wild.The team's success rate in caring for threatened or endangered sea turtles is remarkably high. Sixty-eight percent of the turtles brought to SeaWorld in the past 30 years have been returned to the wild after hands-on care and TLC by turtle experts and veterinarians. Each sea turtle was rescued by the staff or brought to the park due to cold stress, injuries from nets, fishing line and hooks, ingestion of trash such as plastic bags, boat strikes, natural causes and, most recently, oil contamination. Read more.

SeaWorld San Antonio Provides Permanent "Roost" For Pair of Resuced Pelicans

Rescued Pelicans at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld’s goal for all rescued animals is to successfully rehabilitate them for return to the wild. A small percentage of rescued animals have injuries too debilitating to permit release. Such was the case for Holly and Flo, two brown pelicans at SeaWorld San Antonio. Both birds suffered from broken wings – Holly’s wing had to be amputated – making their return to the wild impossible. They are now animal ambassadors for their species, helping guests appreciate the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

Conservation Takes Flight at One of America's Historic Settlements

Seaturtle released by SeaWorld theme park

Every year Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s animal ambassadors and their handlers visit dozens of schools, community centers and festivals to educate the public about wildlife conservation. Recently at Historic Jamestowne the park’s feathered friends, including a bald eagle, helped teach more than 200 visitors the importance of habitat protection. Read more.

SeaWorld San Antonio Provides Permanent "Roost" For Pair of Resuced Pelicans

Child hugging Sesame Street Character at Sesame Place

Approximately one in 150 children in the U.S. has autism or a related disorder. In April Sesame Place is opening its doors to children diagnosed with autism for an exclusive fun-filled day at the park. Accommodations are being made to adjust to the children’s sensory and dietary needs such as altering the park’s shows and offering gluten- and casein-free foods. Read more.

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