Dec 01

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy Opens December 3 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

by Staff

The Broadway hit, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, created and directed by circus impresario Neil Goldberg, opens December 3 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

This is a breathtaking show filled with incredible feats that will leave you spellbound. But words simply cannot do justice to describe it... so here's a special visual sneak peak from dress rehearsals this week at Moroccan Palace Theatre:

The "Rolla Bolla" is an amazing balancing act...

Check out these spine-bending contortionists -- they are unbelievable!

These vibrant emus add color -- and humor -- to the show.

The aerialist duo is sure to wow the crowd.

Mother Earth and a cast of flora and fauna bring the story to life on the stage.

We hope that you can come and see this spectacular show soon.