Jun 16

Celebrate National Aquarium Month at the SeaWorld Parks

by Staff

Can you think of a better place in the world to celebrate National Aquarium Month than at the SeaWorld parks? We sure can't! Here's a look at some of our well-known watery and whimsical exhibits:


Exploring the depths of the sea and roaming among Manta's freshwater lagoon and saltwater habitats are just part of the new attraction's thrill. With 10 stunning and uniquely configured aquariums, riders and non-riders alike will find themselves surrounded by the beauty and mystique of Manta's underwater elements.

Watching Rays at Manta, SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld plunges guests into the realm of the shark as part of the park's most daring animal interaction program, Sharks Deep Dive. Participants don wetsuits and a Sea Trek helmet - which allows participants to breathe and communicate underwater without scuba equipment- during their close encounter with more than 30 sharks and an array of fish


An amazing underwater adventure awaits you in the depths of the sea and along the gorgeous Coral Reef. This multi-aquarium experience will bring you face-to-tooth with some of the ocean's mysterious creatures and coral reef settings.

Nurse Shark in Aquarium at SeaWorld


You can view more than 1,800 fishes representing 235 species at the park's many aquatic exhibits. The aquariums and tide pools feature fish and flora found around the globe, from the Great Barrier Reef off Australia to the Amazon River of Brazil.

In SeaWorld's famous Shark Encounter, a moving sidewalk takes guests through a 57-foot acrylic tube where a dozen species of sharks -- including bonnetheads, Pacific blacktip, nurse and bamboo -- swim all around them.

Shark over Head at SeaWorld

At one of the park's original exhibits, Freshwater Aquarium (built in 1969), guests marvel each day at piranha feeding time, when these voracious eaters use their powerful jaws and triangular-shaped, razor-sharp teeth to tear into fish. Other species at Freshwater Aquarium include electric eels, poison arrow frogs and stingrays.