Jun 29

Video: SeaWorld Cares For Turtles Displaced by the Gulf Oil Spill

by Staff

SeaWorld Orlando received nine endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles that were impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The turtles arrived at Orlando Executive Airport on Friday, June 25 and were transported to the park's Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Jun 23

SeaWorld Rescues 20th Manatee In 2010

by Staff

Yesterday, SeaWorld Orlando's Animal Rescue Team successfully rescued a female endangered manatee from the waters of the National Canaveral Seashore near New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

Jun 15

Rescued Fur Seal Becomes an At-Sea Researcher

by Staff

A Guadalupe fur seal rescued and rehabilitated by SeaWorld San Diego is helping with important research. The year-old female was found emaciated and comatose on a San Diego-area beach in March, and veterinarians determined she was hyperglycemic and hypothermic. After months of medical treatment by SeaWorld animal care specialists, she made a full recovery.

May 27

Caring For SeaWorld's 303rd Turtle Patient is a “Big” Job

by Staff

Caring for SeaWorld's 303rd endangered turtle patient this year is no small task for park aquarists. The recently rescued reptile is a three-foot, 270-pound loggerhead, found in the waters of San Carlos Bay near Ft. Myers, Fla. on May 6.

May 19

SeaWorld Rescues 16th Manatee This Year

by Staff

This week, SeaWorld Orlando's Animal Rescue Team successfully rescued a manatee from a canal in Satellite Beach, FL.

manatee rescue

May 03

SeaWorld Returns Endangered Sea Turtle Back To Nature

by Staff

SeaWorld returned an endangered baby Hawksbill sea turtle back to nature after a successful recovery stay at the park's Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center.

SeaWorld aquarists released the little turtle several miles off the shore of Jupiter, FL into large areas of seaweed. The seaweed serves as a floating nursery for the hatchling and provides a critical hiding place from predators.

Apr 28

Elementary Students Help SeaWorld Return Manatee Pair Back To Wild

by Staff

SeaWorld Orlando returned a mom and calf manatee pair back to nature with the help of students from Fern Creek Elementary School. The kids received a hands-on conservation lesson as animal care specialists sent Mossback and her calf Eva into the waters of Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, FL.

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