Mar 21

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens on Despierta América Tomorrow

by Staff

Spring has sprung! There are many signs in nature that tell us that spring has officially arrived from warm weather to flowers blooming.

Feb 09

Watch the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Animal Ambassadors this Week!

by Staff

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens animal ambassadors will make several national appearances over the next several days. They can be seen first on Univision's national morning show "Despierta America" on Friday, February 10. A Moluccan cockatoo, a red fox, and two colorful Scarlet ibis will be the stars of the

Nov 18

Tune in Thanksgiving Week to See Our Animal Ambassadors...Not Once, But Three Times!

by Staff

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassadors are kicking off the holiday season with three exciting national appearances next week!

First, don’t miss Julie Scardina and SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassadors on the Dr. Oz Show this Monday, November 21.

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