Feb 08

New SEAmail Will Warm Your Heart … And Inspire You to Make a Difference

by Staff

Every day, heart-warming moments take place in our 10 parks and their local communities – moments made possible by people who are committed to making a difference. Whether rescuing a stranded whale in the middle of the night or coordinating a fundraiser to protect endangered wolves, our team members join forces with government officials, conservation partners and people in our local communities to make the world a better place.

Jan 06

A New Year, a New Cheetah Hunt Construction Update

by Staff

Happy New Year, coaster fanatics! The holidays are behind us and that means we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Cheetah Hunt construction updates.

Jan 04

Our baby killer whale's name is ...

by Staff

Over the holidays, we asked you, our fans, to help us with something very special -- choosing the name for our baby killer whale.

Dec 23

Celebrate Christmas Eve with Julie Scardina on TODAY

by Staff

Tune into TODAY on Friday morning, December 24, as SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassador Julie Scardina gets Hoda and Kathie Lee in the holiday spirit with some special animal guests.

Nov 18

Insider Update: Cheetah Hunt Has Gone Vertical

by Staff

Psst…hey coaster fanatics: Cheetah Hunt construction has now gone vertical! This marks the beginning of a busy building schedule that will continue through the new year.

Here’s an insider look at exactly what’s happening behind those construction walls:

The first columns have been set for the main brake run:

Nov 10

Tomorrow, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Animals Take the CNN News Room

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens animal ambassadors are veteran TV guests, and they'll be working hard this Veteran's Day. The team takes a visit to the CNN Newsroom with a Peregrine falcon, a red fox and a pair of baby sheep from Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Oct 05

SeaWorld Orlando Mourns Loss of Killer Whale

by Staff

We are saddened to report that Kalina, a 25-year-old killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando, died Monday, October 4 after a sudden illness.

According to park veterinarians, Kalina showed no signs of illness as recently as Friday and had good appetite on Sunday, October 3. She began exhibiting signs of discomfort Monday afternoon and died suddenly in the early evening. A necropsy will be performed, but the cause of her unexpected death won’t be known for up to six weeks.

Sep 22

Spooky Animal Trivia

by Staff

Impress trick-or-treaters, friends, neighbors and random people with your equally random trivia knowledge of these “scary” animals:

Moray Eel at SeaWorld Like creatures from a horror movie, moray eels each have two sets of jaws— both with needle-like teeth.

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