May 03

The Return of @Shamu?

by Staff

Earlier today, @Shamu tweeted -- more accurately re-tweeted -- a post about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This has been the cause of a good deal of discussion on the Internet because it appeared to mark the return of @Shamu to Twitter, which is something we've been talking about. You could be forgiven if you thought that a tweet from @Shamu concerning an oil spill was, indeed, from @Shamu, given the fact that @Shamu is opposed to oil spills, which are notoriously untidy affairs with very serious consequences

Mar 08

Statement from SeaWorld and the family of Dawn Brancheau

by Staff

Statement from SeaWorld and the family of Dawn Brancheau

March 8, 2010

The family of Dawn Brancheau and SeaWorld are working to prevent the public release of video and photographs related to the February 24 incident at Shamu Stadium. The video, which is SeaWorld property, was provided to Orange County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) voluntarily and in good faith to aid in their investigation. According to OCSO the release of video and photographs is being sought by a variety of news organizations.

Feb 27

A Tribute to Dawn Brancheau

by Staff

Today in memory of Dawn we are doing a tribute to her before the first Believe show at each of our three SeaWorld parks. This has been an extremely difficult time for the entire Shamu family. We believe that Dawn would want our work with these whales, that she loved so much, to continue. So with that in mind, we dedicate our shows this weekend to our dear friend.

Feb 26

Today's Press Conference

by Staff

February 26, 2010

A Message from Jim Atchison
President and Chief Executive Officer, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Earlier today, we held a press conference at SeaWorld Orlando to discuss several things related to Wednesday's killer whale incident and the death of our trainer, Dawn Brancheau.

Feb 25

@Shamu Twitter Account

by Staff

About a year ago SeaWorld launched a Twitter account giving voice to Shamu. In part because of his worldwide celebrity and in part because of his ability to find humor in the world around him, @Shamu has gained a significant following on Twitter. Many of his most loyal followers have noted his absence from Twitter since the tragic events of Wednesday, February 24 at SeaWorld Orlando.

Feb 24

SeaWorld Updates

by Staff

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 8:00pm

Schedule Updates

SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego will be open Thursday, February 25 as scheduled (SeaWorld San Antonio is not yet open for the season) but Believe shows and Dine with Shamu experiences at all SeaWorld locations have been suspended; no decision has been made for future dates at this time.


Update: Thursday, Feb. 25, 9:33am


Dec 09

What’s a Shamuku? It’s a haiku… killer whale-style

by Staff

For those of you who follow Shamu on Twitter, you know his style. For a marine mammal l living underwater, his sense of humor is very dry. He keeps his followers laughing -- and since it's the holiday season, he's in the spirit of giving. On Monday, he declared this week “Giveaway Time”!

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