May 13

Sea Otter Protection Program in USA

by Staff

An imperiled species, California sea otters continue to struggle due to myriad factors, including poor water quality and a growing human population along our coasts. With support from the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, Defenders of Wildlife is working to protect the struggling sea otter population on California's Central Coast by promoting better water quality in nearshore waters and involving the public in recovery.

Apr 14

Rescued California Sea Otters Thrive at SeaWorld San Diego

by Staff

Otters eating shrimp

Two orphaned California sea otters, rescued as pups nearly three years ago, continue to thrive at SeaWorld San Diego. Abby arrived at SeaWorld in July 2007 and Ellie was brought to the park in November 2007. Both pups were only days old when abandoned by their mothers along the coast in Northern California.

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