Aug 09

Employee Profile: Dr. Lara Croft

by Staff

For young women looking to get into the field of veterinary science or marine biology, Dr. Lara Croft is an inspiration. Here's a little bit of informaiton on her background and some great photos of her doing some amazing work at SeaWorld.

Dr. Croft is one of three SeaWorld Orlando staff veterinarians. In this capacity, Dr. Croft maintains the health of the park's animals, including killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, birds, fish, and turtles.

Apr 02

SeaWorld Rescues Sandhill Crane Shot in the Neck by Blow Dart Gun - UPDATED

by Staff

SeaWorld is providing critical care for a sandhill crane suffering from a neck injury caused by a blowgun dart. Aviculturists rescued the bird on March 16 from a neighborhood in Lake Helen, Fla. after receiving a call from a local resident.

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