Apr 19

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Parks Across the U.S. Celebrate Earth Day

by Staff

Cleaning coast lines, restoring oyster reefs, teaching green tips at environmental events, and hosting interactive educational experiences at the parks are just a few ways SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks across the U.S. are getting involved this Earth Day.

Jul 01

SeaWorld Parks Celebrate Independence Day with a Bang

by Staff

The three SeaWorld Parks -- Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio -- invite guests to reconnect with their families, stay late and enjoy all of our summer offerings, including special nighttime (and daytime) shows as part of SeaWorld AfterDark (Orlando) and Summer Nights (San Diego and San Antonio). And this Independence Day, the skies will shine even brighter with fabulous Fourth of July fireworks displays.


May 17

SeaWorld San Diego Helps Rescue Young Gray Whale

by Staff

A SeaWorld San Diego animal rescue team comprised of Eric Otjen and Jody Westberg helped disentangle a young California gray whale in Dana Pt. harbor, just north of San Diego. They whale, thought to be about a year old, had rope and gill netting around its mouth, pectoral flippers and tail fluke area. After nearly two hours of painstaking work, the netting was cut away and the whale was able to swim freely. While the young animal is still swimming in the vicinity of the harbor, it is hoped that it will soon be able to join the northern migration.

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