Jun 14

SeaWorld Vet to Address Gulf Oil Spill on The Early Show on CBS

by Staff

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Tune in to the CBS Early Show this Tuesday, June 15 to see SeaWorld vet Dr. Pam Yochem address the issue of the Gulf oil spill. Yochem will present several animals native to the Gulf area, explaining exactly how these species will be affected by the disaster -- and how SeaWorld is prepared to help.

When: Tuesday, June 15

Time: 8-9am

May 03

The Return of @Shamu?

by Staff

Earlier today, @Shamu tweeted -- more accurately re-tweeted -- a post about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This has been the cause of a good deal of discussion on the Internet because it appeared to mark the return of @Shamu to Twitter, which is something we've been talking about. You could be forgiven if you thought that a tweet from @Shamu concerning an oil spill was, indeed, from @Shamu, given the fact that @Shamu is opposed to oil spills, which are notoriously untidy affairs with very serious consequences

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