May 17

SeaWorld San Diego Helps Rescue Young Gray Whale

by Staff

A SeaWorld San Diego animal rescue team comprised of Eric Otjen and Jody Westberg helped disentangle a young California gray whale in Dana Pt. harbor, just north of San Diego. They whale, thought to be about a year old, had rope and gill netting around its mouth, pectoral flippers and tail fluke area. After nearly two hours of painstaking work, the netting was cut away and the whale was able to swim freely. While the young animal is still swimming in the vicinity of the harbor, it is hoped that it will soon be able to join the northern migration.

Apr 14

Blue Horizons Photo Contest at SeaWorld San Diego

by Staff

We love all the SeaWorld photos that have been submitted to our Web site and posted on our Facebook fan pages. We're now taking that to a new level.

Apr 05

It's a Dolphin Naming Contest

by Staff

An Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin calf at SeaWorld San Diego needs a name.Born at SeaWorld last year, this future star of the park's “Blue Horizons” dolphin show is looking for your help in choosing her name.

Baby Dolphin

Feb 24

SeaWorld Updates

by Staff

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 8:00pm

Schedule Updates

SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Diego will be open Thursday, February 25 as scheduled (SeaWorld San Antonio is not yet open for the season) but Believe shows and Dine with Shamu experiences at all SeaWorld locations have been suspended; no decision has been made for future dates at this time.


Update: Thursday, Feb. 25, 9:33am


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