Jun 08

Busch Gardens New Red Fox Kit

by Staff

Meet Roxy, our 9 week old red fox kit.

She has been at Busch Gardens for about 4 weeks and is fitting in well. Here's your chance to meet her before anyone else. She will be in the park soon. Check back for updates.

Roxy was abandoned in California. By state law, she could not be released, so she and her litter mates were relocated to different zoos around the country.

She is super playful and runs around chasing her toys. Currently she is very clumsy when bouncing around her habitat and we can't help but laugh at her. We are giving her as much socialization as possible, which means part of my day is spent playing with her and her tennis ball. Have I said recently how much I love my job?

She is still young and naps are a big part of her day. Last weekend we took her out into the park to let her play in Jack Hanna's Wild Reserve. She bounced and explored for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep in the trainer's lap.

Roxy will eventually be about 25 pounds. I will keep you updated on her progress.

Kendell, Animal Care Specialist at Busch Gardens