Apr 29

Busch Gardens Campers Contribute to Coastal Conservation

by Staff

Adventure Campers at Busch Gardens get more than just an awesome summer experience. They get the satisfaction of helping conserve the planet.

Perfect example: In summer 2009, Busch Gardens Campers planted 600 salt marsh seedlings at the park; each session of day campers contributed to the tree planting. The seedlings were nurtured at Busch Gardens, then transplanted to Manatee County as part of the Terra Ceia Ecosystem Restoration Project a few months later. The project's goal: To protect and stabilize low-lying coastal lands by providing a nurturing habitat for estuary marine life as well as food resources for coastal fishery food chains.

“This was another way that Busch Gardens can give back to its community, and teach an important lesson to these kids as well,” said Bill Street, Busch Gardens director of education. “Our camps are designed to share a bigger message. We want to show the kids that we can all do something to impact the world.”

Busch Gardens Adventure Camps offer the unique chance to participate in conservation efforts as well as have up-close, hands-on animal experiences, ride roller coaster and create lasting friendships. The summer experience is offered for preschoolers through 8th graders. To find out more about Busch Gardens Adventure Camps, visit the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps site

For more information on how Busch Gardens Adventure Campers aided in the Terra Ceia Ecosystem Restoration Project, click here