Aug 23

Animal Ambassadors from South of the Equator Making an Appearance

by Staff

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are the perfect place to discover different worlds with family and friends. This Friday, August 24th SeaWorld and Busch Garden’s animal ambassadors will be going live on Univision’s national morning show, Despierta América, with a couple of animals native to Australia, Africa and South America!!

Bennett's wallaby

Wallaby from Busch Gardens Theme ParkMeet Boomer, a baby Wallaby that is known to hang out at Aquatica, San Antonio!

Wallabies, like their larger kangaroo relatives, are indigenous to Australia and Tasmania. They use their long tails for balance, and strong legs for jumping. They are nocturnal herbivores, spending a lot of time browsing for grass and plants. They use their sharp front teeth for cutting grasses, and their large, flat molars for grinding their food.

Wallabies usually live alone, except for females and their offspring. They are a marsupial, which means that after the baby is born, it continues to develop inside the mother's pouch for up to an additional eight months.

Magellanic penguins

Pete and Penny are part of the park's important educational program as members of SeaWorld Orlando animal ambassador team.

Penguins from SeaWorld theme park in Orlando

Magellanic penguins are a temperate-climate species native to Chile, Argentina and the Falkland Island.Magellanic penguins (and all penguins) are found in the Southern Hemisphere, mostly off the coast of Argentina and Chile. So there are no penguins in the North Pole!

They spend the majority of their lives in the water except to lay eggs and raise their young. Their favorite diet is fish, fish and fish. Specifically they enjoy 2-3 lbs of restaurant quality medium herring and capelin each day.

African crested porcupine

The African crested porcupine is actually the largest African rodent! They can be found inNorth Africa, from Morocco to the Sudan and southeastern Egypt, tropical eastern Africa.

They use their 30,000 quills as a defense and warning to predators. Quills are sharp but they cannot throw them – will hold off predators as large as lions – at least until they get really hungry!

African crested porcupines are vegetarians, eating roots, bark, fruit and tubers. Male, female and young will stay together and share a burrow until young disperse.

Porcupine from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Parks

You can learn more about these particular species and many more when visiting our parks across the country. Stop by and say hello!