An Underwater Interview? It Can Be Done at SeaWorld San Diego's Turtle Reef

The animal experts at SeaWorld are always eager to share our story of conservation and animal care, especially when we have a new attraction that supports our mission. But why settle for a regular media interview when you can conduct one from the depths of a 300,000 gallon aquarium?

An Up-Close Wordless Wednesday

This American egret has his eye on you!

Animal Athletes at SeaWorld

 We’re gearing up for the 2nd annual Run for the Fund, and all this talk about physical fitness and ability got us thinking about some of the incredible athletic adaptations animals have that help them compete in the everyday “game” of survival. They rely on these adaptations to help them find food, reproduce, move, and communicate with other animals.

Animal Care Center Construction Underway

Construction is well underway for the Animal Care Center at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Animal Connections: Meet Dylan the California Sea Lion!

If you have visited the park in the past few months, you may have had an opportunity to see one of our brand new educational animal shows.  These special presentations are different from the usual park shows, “Believe”, “Azul”, and “Cannery Row Caper

Animal Spotlight: Commerson's Dolphins

With its black and white coloring and porpoise-like shape, the Commerson’s dolphin may not look like a typical dolphin. You might even think they’re mini Shamus. Don’t let their coloring or size fool you! These high-energy dolphins have the same playful personalities as their relatives and even bigger appetites!

Animal Training Tools of the Trade

People use different tools  depending on their jobs... Hammer.  Stethoscope.  Computer.  Frying pan.  Have you ever wondered what tools are used by SeaWorld Animal Trainers?  You might be surprised!  Here are a few.

Announcing the Winners of the "Exclusive Ride Time Event on May 27" Poem Contest

Congratulations to the 25 winners of the Cheetah Hunt poem giveaway!

How do you redeem your prize? Easy directions are below!


1.       Victoria Whitfield

2.       Paul Zimmardo

3.       Scott (to the) Dunn

4.       Chrisotpher Williams

5.       Christy Lodono

6.       Lee Smith

Aquatica Texas – The Key Visual

Designing and building a new waterpark is a little, no a lot, like making a Christmas list.  As we planned Aquatica we looked at attractions at all of our sister parks, but especially Aquatica Florida.  We met with ride manufacturers to see what new ideas they were working on and we even created our own ideas using SeaWorld experience with animals.  Once we had all the components to make this amazing new waterpark we knew right away we were going to need an image for our guest to convey this great concept.   

Aquatica Texas – Where South Texas meets the South Seas

I’ve been biting my tongue for a LONG, LONG TIME, and can finally shout it out…AQUATICA IS COMING!  Planning for any project at our parks takes years to complete, so you can imagine how long we have been working on building a new waterpark!  Lost Lagoon has been a staple of SeaWorld for almost 20 years; however it never offered guest a completely original experience.  Now

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